Types of Motor Vehicle insurance Policies in India

Since its invention, the vehicle has proved to be a great gift to mankind. It not only offers comfort but gives you a sense of power. But, we all know, with great powers, great responsibilities are associated. And in this case, a major responsibility is buying a vehicle insurance policy.

Why is it Important?

As per the Motor Vehicle Act of Indian legal system, third party liability insurance is compulsory for every vehicle that runs on the road. Permanent injury or/and death of a third party is covered by third party insurance. Damage to a property of third party also comes under this liability. An individual has to pay a fine of up to Rs. 2000 or serve the term of 3 years in jail or both if his/her vehicle is not insured.

If we talk about the benefits to the vehicle owner, s/he gets rid of the worries related to repair in case of an accident. Not only a lot of money is saved, but the hassles related to the repair process are also managed. A lot of companies are also offering roadside assistance to help the car drivers in case an accident takes place. The vehicles are also covered against natural disasters and human calamities, which further adds to the importance of insurance.

By the type of vehicle on the roads, there are three types of motor insurance popular in India.

Car Insurance

With India being the sixth largest manufacturer of cars in the India, the number of cars on the roads ought to be massive. This is also the reason car insurance is the most popular form of motor insurance in

the country. The car insurance covers legal liability to a third party due to accidental damages. Damage or loss to a vehicle due to man-made or natural calamities is also covered in most of the policies. The policies also offer personal accident cover, along with optional cover for co-passengers.

A lot of car manufacturing companies are offering insurance in a bundled form with the new cars. Let’s have a look at some major features of car insurance policies available in the market.

[Source: https://www.comparepolicy.com/blogs/types-of-motor-vehicle-insurance-policies-in-india/%5D


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