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Benefits of Purchasing Car Insurance Online

With the development of Internet and e-commerce, plenty of companies are now moving their own business to the Internet, not only the Internet has well development in recent years but also make many industry found his new way on the Internet, even though people used to think that some live services must not be achieved online such as the meal, haircut, etc. However, these industries have a new model of their own today and they are growing very fast. What is more, when the insurance industry goes into thee-commerce, for example, a lot of people think car insurance online is unsafe. Although, before that it is not accepted by many people, it still has a certain market position. Therefore, come to see some benefits when you purchase it online.

To begin with, certainly, in order to attract more drivers to become their clients, car insurance companies try their best to let everyone know that car insurance can purchase online. So, this seems an advertisement to tell people purchase online car insurance is cheaper than offline. Furthermore, it saves our a large proportion of labor costs and the intermediate link, the motorists you only need to fill in the relevant information on the Internet so both you and your car will have a good protection.

What is more, purchasing it online we can enjoy the favorable that we ever never touch offline, for example, the first time the user can enjoy the purchase of the maximum 10% of the preferential costs. In addition, our life is inseparable from the Internet, when you buy car insurance online, only need you gently move the mouse in front of your computer that your car is a guarantee which fully realized the docking of the car with the Internet.

Last but not the least, we take into consideration that different insurance companies have different quotes and price. The online application for car insurance, all the processes and the cost is transparent, in addition to the shortcut and convenient, the information on the Internet is all open, as long as you have a certain understanding of car insurance.

Purchasing car insurance online is another way to let you choose a better one. Although many people think that online shopping there still have a lot of security holes, but with the constant improvement of e-commerce and law, the Internet will be more close to people’s life.

How Telematics can help you get a lower rate on your Auto Insurance

Everyone likes saving money – why else would we cut coupons or shop at those big-box stores? Well, what if we told you there was a way that you could be saving money on your auto insurance? And it’s easy. So what is it? Telematics.

What is telematics? Think of it like the little black box on an airplane. Your insurance company inserts one of these devices into your vehicle and it monitors the following:

Number of miles you drive


How quickly (and often) you brake – i.e. the smoothness of your ride

What types of roads you travel on

What time of day or night you are driving

Why is this information useful? It helps us, you car insurance company, evaluate just how safe of a driver you are. Do you speed regularly? Or slam on the brakes a lot? Do you do most of your driving during rush hour on the freeway? We compile all of this information and use it to adjust your auto insurance premium. Safer drivers are typically rewarded with lower rates, although there is no penalty for drivers who aren’t so safe.

But there are other reasons we value these telematics devices. For starters, they can help us settle your accident claims faster. We can take the information from your little black box and use it to determine the speed you were driving at the time of the accident or how quickly you had to brake. Not only that, but the GPS on it helps to cut down on theft and help us get your car back. insurance

There is also a societal benefit to telematics: People are more likely to drive safe when they know their driving is being monitored – they are more likely to obey speed limits and traffic signs. And hey, we’re all about making our roads a safer place!


Tips To Enjoy Cheap Car Insurance In India

You have purchased a new car and are very happy with its glitzy look and super performance. Then one fine evening your car receives a slight scratch and after a few days you notice a small dent on the door. After a few months your car starts showing some more problems which puts you in an uncomfortable position. You get in touch with the insurance company only to be informed that certain services and repairs don’t fall within the ambit of their insurance coverage!

When it comes to purchasing motor insurance in India, buyers are often taken for a ride. Blame it on the ignorance of the buyers or unscrupulousness of the sellers and mostly car insurance deals in India happen in a hurry at the last moment. People seldom inquire about the insurance terms and conditions, before buying a certain plan. They are just informed of the premium amount which they happily pay till the time a claim arises. Then only the policyholder faces some harsh realities!

The general tendency observed among car owners is to search for cheap car insurance in India and quite understandably so. A recent study shows that the cost of car insurance has shot up by almost 9% in the past 12 months and is predicted to soar further in the year 2015, up to as high as 15%. So car insurance buyers must be thinking that this is the right time to check out some low-priced deals. The problem is that in their hurry to close a cheap deal many tend to ignore some crucial factors.

Discussed below are some important points which should be kept in mind while looking for cheap car insurance in India.

Third party insurance might not be cheapest only because it covers the person you bump into and his car! Sometimes comprehensive plans also come with more or less same premium but with better features.

Monthly payment term is not always a great idea. Many insurers charge highest interest when the premium is paid monthly. Check that out before selecting the term.

Think twice before you opt for auto-renewals. Some insurers keep increasing the premium amount exorbitantly every year, knowing inertia and loyalty may stop policyholders from switching.

Be sure to inform your insurer about any modification that you have done with the car; otherwise it might invalidate the policy. Adding safety features to your car can help reduce the premium amount.

Opt for add-ons only if you know the real values. Read the policy terms and conditions well before finalizing any add-on.

To buy cheap car insurance in India do a little bit of research work. Compare features, facilities and rates of multiple companies before finalizing one.

Over the past few years the motor insurance sector in India has expanded remarkably with the entry of several private operators. This has prompted insurance companies in the public sector to improve their products and services. Undoubtedly this healthy competition has benefited the customers and ensured satisfaction. They now find themselves in an advantageous position whereby they can compare insurance plans from different sources to settle for the best at the cheapest rate possible.